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Choose from our large choice of Party options, Single activity or mix and match to suit your childs wishes. Do you know that a party for 10 children at Jumpin' Jacks costs approx HALF the price of having it at home and we do all the clean up for you afterwards.

We can cater for large or small groups to suit your requirements (minimum 8).

Private party room to enjoy food, take pictures and sit down with family and friends.

Hot food and soft drinks served at all parties.

Bring your own Birthday Cake or let Jumpin Jacks prepare one for you.

Book today -avoid the stress and mess and let Jumpin Jacks do the rest.

Parents of Party Child will receive Coffee or Tea vouchers for 4 people.

BirthdayChild receives a Billie Bear of their choice as a gift from from Jumpin' Jacks plus a Voucher for a FREE return visit.

- All children at parties receive a party bags before leaving the party room.

Party Details-

Single Activity

- Jumpin Jacks Party - €14- (2hrs) 11/2 hours of play in Jumpin Jacks.

- Cosmic Bowl Party - €14- (11/2 hrs) 1 hour of bowling.

- Build your Bear Party €22- (2 1/2hrs) 11/2 hours of play in Jumpin Jacks.

- Superstrokes Party €17- (2hrs)30 mins of Pottery Painting plus 1hr of play in Jumpin Jacks.(pottery will be glazed and ready for collection within 7 day)

~Double Up Party - €16–(2hrs)

- Jumpin Jacks

-Cosmic Bowl

Minimum number per party is 8

Optional Extras:

- Ice Cream cake (up to 8 children) €7

- Large Ice Cream Cake€12

Party food and drinks will be served after play time in private party room (1/2 hour).

To be sure of securing your preferred time and date you should make your booking with booking deposit well in advance.

A booking deposit is required for all parties.

Free Party Invitations are available for collection on booking of party.

For further details or to book a party please call 057 9322453

   Tel: 057 9322453  |  E-mail: info@jumpinjacks.ie
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